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MACO openLife: Intelligent access control in real time

Open the door for the postman to make a delivery or let your son, who has forgotten his key again, into the house, even though you are still at work. Give employees or guests temporary access to a range of rooms: MACO openLife makes it a reality. The modern, location-independent, real time access management system optimises building use through flexible access authorisations. Rooms, offices, conference rooms, production facilities and so on can be temporarily used by different groups of people. Thanks to encrypted data transmission based on a patented read-write functionality, MACO openLife guarantees maximum security and sets new standards in secure data transmission.

We combine our motorised hardware (such as Z-TA 3-latch automatic locks) with electronic components such as IQ, wall readers and E-cylinders from one of the global market leaders to create a completely new, unique access system. For you, it is wireless and can be installed with little effort. For your customers, it is easy and intuitive to use.

What does MACO openLife offer?

  • Easy installation on any door


  • Open doors remotely

  • You decide who has access, where and when

  • Notifications and alarms

The platform

highly secure thanks to encryption

Advantages & benefits

The hardware matches almost any door, is easy to install and completely wireless. The hardware comes in a range of designs and lever handle sets, which means it blends in with the style of any building.

With the MACO tag, the system opens the SALTO hardware. The tag contains the most secure RFID chip currently on the market, making it impossible to duplicate the ID.

Lost key fobs can be blocked immediately (on the go and in real time). There is no need to replace the locking system.

Each person can be assigned individual access rights. So if someone is delayed, the door can be opened at any time using end devices with iOS or Android software.

When a door is left open, if an unauthorised person attempts to gain access or if information is required about who has accessed the building or not and when, the system notifies the relevant person automatically via SMS, e-mail or app.

MACO tags can be remotely monitored by authorised persons. This means that immediate decisions can be made about who has access to which doors and when. Access authorisations can thus be customised in real time to suit individual needs.

How it works?

User accounts are created and access rights are assigned at . These are then transmitted via MACO openlife IQ, the heart and communication centre of the system, to the MACO openLife cylinders and lever handle sets. These have an integrated read module which communicates with the transponder tags via RFID (radio signal) and detects who may enter and who may not.

The components

  • Website & mobile app

    ​The gateway to your MACO openLife account is the web-based solution on your computer or on your phone via app. You can open doors, create user groups, manage user accounts and always keep an eye on who is accessing your building.

  • IQ

    IQ is the heart of the MACO openLife system. With the cellular M2M connection, it communicates with the openLife hardware and the openLife apps – without WLAN.

  • SALTO hardware

    The hardware was specially designed to be suitable for a range of door profiles and even framed doors with narrow frames. It can also be attached on the outside.

  • MACO tag

    An RFID tag, which makes keys a thing of the past. The MACO tag actuates the lock (or alternatively the hardware) in a matter of seconds and visitors or employees can easily enter according to their access authorisations.

Further information

Service & Support

​For MACO openLife support please contact your MACO-openLife installer. If he is not available, please contact or call us at +43 (0)662 6196-1500.


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