• Hardware for lift and slide patio door systems

    MACO has a full range of hardware for lift and slide patio door systems across all materials from PVC, Aluminium and Timber. Proving extremely popular at Fensterbau Frontale 2018 they are becoming a growing system trend here in the UK, MACO UK is proud to be able to offer a full system solution with the quality and flexibility that joinery's and fabricators have come to enjoy and expect from MACO. As well as our system, solutions for all material types MACO UK have a panorama barrier free timber system, which brings a stylish, premium edge to standard lift, & slide systems.

    Weightless movement of 400kg

    From small and short to big and tall, don't let size bring down your limitations when creating aluminium, PVC or timber sliding doors. Easy lifting is ensured on even the heaviest sashes with the additional rollers with an integrated suspension system. Each roller reduced the force required to lift the door resulting in the heaviest doors feeling easy and almost weightless when moving. The advantages of the MACO spring rollers allow you to not only retrofit them but also when fitted they are not visible to the user. The MACO rollers allow for a soft delayed return of the handle and can carry weights of up to 400kg.

    Security and design perfectly matched

    The locking technology used in the lift and slide systems from MACO is similar to that found in multi-point locking systems from front doors achieving PAS24 as well as RC2 security with adjustable striker plates. The MACO steel hook drive gear fits smoothly into the sliding door and are fully retracted into the sash, ensuring you maintain a flush stylish sliding door. When the door closes the hooks engage smoothly in the frame side striker plates ensuring both exceptional mechanical protection against burglary and weatherseal compression.

    Smooth operator

    The driver gear damper reduces the resistance force and produces a controlled, soft delayed return of the handle when locking the door, regardless of the make of handle used. The concealed drive gear damper can easily be retrofitted. It contributes to operating convenience, especially on very heavy doors as it controls the lowering of the sliding sash preventing any sudden movement. Now the handle is controlled it's time to make sure you take control and implement soft closing. The MACO stop dampeners mean no slamming of the sliding sash, keeping the frame free from impact damage from the sliding door. The MACO stop dampeners also help to prevent any risk of injury when closing the sliding door.

    Keep on Moving

    Don't let dirt and dust build up in your lift and slide systems when using MACO. With the MACO brush technology which is fitted onto the roller carriage itself means there is less chance of dirt and dust building up along the rollers. Each Bristle of the brush is carefully placed into the roller carriage to ensure it is as effective as possible.

    Zero barriers – Zero Compromise

    Give your customers easy access for all the home with zero barrier thresholds when installing your lift and slide systems. MACO's zero barrier threshold makes for easy fabrication too with only one pocket having to be milled out in the fitting groove.

    Pushing boundaries – Frameless fixed glazing

    In addition to narrow frame friezes, frameless fixed glazing serves to continue the trend towards the ultimate design goal of achieving large-area glazing with minimal framing. The material savings are another compelling advantage of this construction, resulting in larger glass surfaces and improved U-values. Accommodated at the bottom, the fixed glazing is surrounded by a thermally separated compensation profile. Externally, the entire lift & slide combination is protected against climatic effects by an aluminium cladding profile.

    Gaskets, Weatherseals and Interlocks

    To ensure that weather and acoustic performance MACO offers a full range of gaskets, weatherseals and interlock profiles designed specifically for lift and slide door systems. These are available in a range of colours and materials including Silicone for the highest possible performance under all conditions.

  • The road to tomorrow begins today

    ​Here at MACO, every single day we strive to create new premium solutions designed to provide a better way of life. Turning future visons into today’s reality is what we do here at MACO, as we will further reveal at the Fensterbau Frontale 2018 in Nuremberg.
    See for yourself how we are shaping the future in line with our slogan ‘CREATING INNOVATION’ between March 21 – 24.
    You can find us in Hall 1, Stand 347. Come and be inspired by our latest products on our 1,000 square metre exhibition space. If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing or calling us on 01795 433900.

    Discover what is possible.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    With best regards
    "Your MACO team”

  • One handle, multiple openings - Meet Multisky

    Gone are the days when you would need to go and find a rod to open a fanlight window, use a complex and unsightly drive rod system or stretch and strain to reach the opening handle. This system allows all users to achieve ventilation via a top level tilting sash. Full operation of the remaining system is controlled by keyed locking points meaning security and full opening is still limited by the key holder but the key holder is not required to achieve ventilation.

    The one handle on the lower window allows the top sash to be tilted using our very own Tilt and Turn hardware, however in contrast to conventional fanlights the fanlight sash can still also be fully opened. Due to this innovative design not only does it maximise air exchange for ventilation when tilted by allowing the warm air under the ceiling to escape. The Multisky system also allows the cleaning of the outside glass to be made easier and safer when the windows are fully open. With cleaning in mind the system also has no protruding visible surface mounted parts making the maintenance of this system easy durable.

    Of course being MACO our system is not only creative in design and implementation, security is still paramount thanks to the systems multipoint locking system with our MACO i.S. security cams and striker plates. The multipoint locking system closes and seals all point. This enables better security as well as weather performance, air permeability and acoustic resistance unlike traditional single point fanlight locking systems.

    The advantages to this system continue beyond its design and security features too, the system can be applied to timber as well as PVC profiles. No widening of the frame is needed either as no space is required for the surface mounted operating elements making fabrication simpler too, as well as this the system is made of familiar components allowing fabricators and the end user to have an easy understanding of system operation.

    The Multi Sky system works particularly well in buildings such as schools and hospitals for example who could utilised the safe and secure ventilation of the top fanlight window. This would allow the ability to be able to offer easy and safe ventilation for all users from the easy to reach window handle. The lower sash remains locked and the top sash tilted unless both are opened by the key holder, only accessible via a lock.

  • A bright future for double rebate flood doors

    ​The cold snap this year has well and truly started and with it is another year in which rain is set to feature again. This for some this means the potential of localised and in some areas wide spread flooding.

    The fight to protect our homes from such events is getting better and better and with improvement on these defences comes more choice in the defensive measures. The double rebate Bowater by Birtley flood door gives not only security and flood protection tested to PAS 1188-1:2014 but also a wide range of colours meaning your flood door can match the frame or stand out in any shade.

    The security and flood sealing is provided by the MACO C-TS door lock which we have combined with our i.S mushroom cam locking system, taken from our MULTI MATIC Tilt and Turn system. By using these two systems together along with excellent door profile, hardware and Birtley designed flood seals means superior flood protection. 

    MACO were able to work with Bowater by Birtley at different stages in the development and testing of their flood door, when tested to PAS 1188-1:2014 the test engineers were amazed at the performance of the doors with zero water leakage.

  • Eco Friendly meets security in the EP90

    MACO UK has partnered with Liniar to help design the locking hardware for its new EnergyPlus90 window system which was unveiled at this year's FIT Show.

    The UK government has made house building a priority, leading to an increase in the amount of new homes being constructed near busy roads and railway lines due to the availability of suitable land. This means that architects are tagging acoustic criteria in addition to thermal and security specification.

    Liniar's EnergyPlus90 provides the perfect solution - with the look and feel of a 70mm system, it's ideal for the commercial sector.

    EnergyPlus90 has been designed for larger, heavyweight triple glazed windows and sets new levels for the size and weight of outward opening PVCu casement windows. The window is supported by heavy duty hinges and MACO's input means that it still utilises a conventional locking system.

    The excellence that the MACO hardware provides ensures that a Liniar EnergyPlus90 window not only meets Passive House standards but also enables it to fully comply with all industry requirements.

    EnergyPlus90 is fully approved to BS6375 Pt 1-3 and PAS24:2016 for security, ensuring that air, water and security performance is guaranteed. This means EnergyPlus90 windows have achieved Secured by Design accreditation and are fully compliant with Part Q of the building regulations.

    As well as utilising superior hardware, EnergyPlus90 provides outstanding thermal efficiency, with Window Energy Ratings of A+40 helping it to achieve Passive House certification. Further benefits include superb acoustic levels to combat noise pollution – as high as 42 decibels.

    MACO UK's Craig Bryant, who worked alongside Liniar, commented on the successful partnership behind the EnergyPlus90 window system:

    "We worked with the HL Plastics team from the very beginning of the project to ensure that they were able to use a hardware solution that gave the required performance, regardless of the size and weight of the window.

    "MACO has also been able to support the project with pre-testing at our Sittingbourne test centre, further ensuring that when EnergyPlus90 went for certification it passed without any complications."

    For more information on the EnergyPlus90 window system go to

    If you are interested in knowing more about MACO hardware visit us here and get in touch

  • Top 6 things to look for when buying a flood door

    1 – Is It PAS 1188-1-2014 certified.

    This certification recognises that flood door you are looking at has been sufficiently tested. The PAS or the publically available specification are the standards that support the wider known BSI Kitemark scheme which again assures you as a homeowner that your flood door meets the standards for flood protection products.

    If you would like more information on what the BSI Kitemark means and the assurances it carries you can check here on their official website -

    2 – Has it been tested to a height of 600mm or more.

    As with all windows and doors they all go through a stringent testing process to ensure that they are fit for purpose. With flood doors it's no different, as well as checking if they  are BSI Kitemark Certified it's worth seeing what water level they were tested to. A good flood door should be tested and designed to mitigate against flood waters to a height of 600mm.

    If you would like to know more about flood doors tested to this height then have a look at

    3 – Who did the testing.

    This can be a tricky one to find out but important to ensure that the money you're spending on your flood door is with a company who are flood experts. Flood Angel for example have access to an in house, BSI Approved Testing Facility, and specialise in producing  products for flood mitigation

    Check you risk for flood using their handy Flood Risk Checker here -

    4 – Is it the style you want.

    Of course as much as a flood door needs to do a great job, you will also want it to look great all year round and bring out the character your home already has. Flood doors now come in almost as many styles as a non-flood door including different materials such as composite and UPVC they even are available as French doors too.

    5 – Does installing a flood door mean my property is flood safe.

    No. To achieve this we would recommend getting your property surveyed by a flood professional and they can advise on additional flood mitigation products. A flood door will prevent water ingress through the door but consideration needs to be given to rising ground water, sewage defence and backwater valves and Airbrick defence, all have to be Kitemark certified products. The correct partner will be able to advise you on all these aspects.

    If you would like to find a flood professional then please go to

    6 – Is the installer qualified to install flood doors.

    Installing a flood door is not the same as a normal replacement door, it is a complex procedure and installers should undertake a recognised training program in order to give best possible advice and to ensure that the flood door will perform when required.

    All certified Flood Professionals contractors have undertaken and passed an industry leading training programme. They are fully conversant with the property survey process and are familiar with all Kitemark certified products on the market. They are therefore perfectly placed to recommend the best products to suit your circumstances.

    To find a flood professional in your area enter follow the link and enter your postcode

  • Experts in the market join forces to create a winning combination

    ​As winter approaches and the British weather worsens, it doubtless won't be long until stories of flooding hit the media headlines once more. Experts predict the risk of flooding in the UK will increase year on year and with one in six British homes already in danger of flooding the need to protect property & personal possessions grows ever stronger.

    It's this need that's seen two big names in UK lock manufacture & flood defence join forces in a bid to develop even more cutting edge solutions for this fast- growing and ever changing marketplace.

    Flood Angel, the UK's leading flood product manufacturer, is consistently working to refine and enhance the design and functionality of its range of market leading flood doors.  Working closely with MACO UK, a refined locking system has recently been developed which, when installed in a Flood Angel Door, was tested and certified to PAS 1188-1:2014.  The system can be applied to a host of materials including PVCu single and double door sets and Monocoque Composite Doors.

    The MACO C-TS door lock is combined with i.S. mushroom cam locking systems from the Multi MATIC tilt and turn system. Bringing these together and developing the system together, including the profile, hardware and superior flood seals, provides unrivalled operating forces and flood protection.

    The refined system was successfully tested to PAS 1188-1:2014 in the BSI approved Test Tank operated by Flood Angel's sister company, UK Flood Barriers. All Flood Angel products are put through their paces in this facility and MACO and Flood Angel's engineers spent many hours working closely to achieve the eventual successful solution.

    MACO UK Managing Director Kevin Whiting commented:

    "Our class leading, light handle operation, C-TS Door Lock provided the platform for MACO and Flood ANGEL to join forces in this market leading venture. Our Product, Service and Innovation Manager, Craig Bryant, working alongside the Flood Angel experts has enabled a design solution to be created that truly exceeds expectations in flood prevention alongside comfort in ease of use"   

    Flood Angel CEO Frank Kelly commented:

    "Flood Angel has been manufacturing its market leading flood doors for several years. The key reason we remain at the top of our game is that we never stop learning, listening and enhancing. Our latest venture with MACO is a classic example of where we've teamed up with another 'industry expert' to make sure we're constantly trying to make the best even better"


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