Magnetic contacts for your safe home

Windows and casement doors are main targets for unwanted troublemakers. MACO is the specialist for mechanical burglar resistance. To perfect the building protection for your home, we offer for your doors and windows wired sensors – lying invisible inside the window rebate.

For OEMs and for retrofitting

  • Reed contacts for the window rebate, can be screwed in or on
  • For opening, locking or combined opening and locking monitoring (according to VdS)
  • For tilt monitoring
  • For alarm systems (VdS-tested) or for heating control
  • Contact sensor cam for replacing existing cams
  • Adapter with contact sensor for subsequent fixing

For special applications

Exit air control with RHS reed contact

This ensures that extractor fans can only be operated when the window is open or tilted. This prevents waste gases from being sucked back inside when masonry heaters, open fireplaces, gas hobs, etc., are used at the same time.

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