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Comfort fittings

Comfort fittings

Easy-to-operate windows should be a given. Sometimes, we all find it difficult to reach a window: behind the sink in the kitchen, in the bathroom or staircase.

The MACO MULTI deluxe hardware for PVC and timber windows let all users handle any tilt&turn window unhindered, in any installation, situation and at any age. The window handle is positioned where it is easily accessible for every user: at a low level - horizontally or vertically on the bottom casement.

Advantages & benefits

Advantages for


  • Enables fabricators to offer a window solution that can be operated from a seated position
  • No special fabrication processes are required
  • Allows fabricators to comply with the Life Style Homes requirements
Benefits for

End users

  • The window is automatically tilted and locked again by operating the handle
  • Requirements for disabled people and elderly can be met
  • Windows that are difficult to access can be operated
  • Less effort required with the MACO SKB handle due to the long handle element
  • Optional motorized support
  • Extremely corrosion-resistant thanks to the optional TRICOAT-PLUS hardware finish


Operating & service manuals

Multi Operating and maintenance instructions for end users (turn-only, turn&tilt and tilt-first hardware) (PDF)


Installation instructions

Multi Comfort fitting Assembly instructions (only for certified specialists!) (PDF)