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Motor-driven hardware

Motor-driven hardware

Barrier-free access is no longer simply an issue for certain user groups. It is an integral part of comfortable living for all users - regardless of their age and physical condition. The logical consequence of this development is the automation of the window units. True to the motto "Man defines the action" we have extended our window automation range with a new product: the MULTI E hardware combines safe, convenient tilting with steady manual operation. The system solution brings enhanced operating convenience and barrier-free access to all users ─ with no restrictions.

Advantages & benefits

Advantages for


  • A defined point of contact between the window sash and frame
  • No cabling in the sash or in the glass groove
  • Hinge and unhinge the sash with ease
  • No cable separations due to electrical contact transitions
  • Mishandling impossible
  • Fixed contact separation
  • Adaptive commissioning unit - function tests directly on site
  • Invisible - does not affect appearance
  • Easy to install in the sash
  • Commissioning unit for initial testing on site
  • Integrated wind force reversal to protect the motor
  • Compliance with protection class 3 in accordance with the Machinery Directive for power-operated windows 2006/42/EC
Benefits for

End users

  • Convenient and barrier-free
  • The appearance of the window is not affected
  • Alternate manual or motor-driven operation from any position
  • After manual operation, the drive adjusts automatically
  • Low energy consumption
  • Direction change possible at any time in the case of misuse
  • Safety with low voltage [24 V] on the window
  • Fully concealed in the sash



E-Hardware Electromechanical window operation (PDF)



Catalogue 2022 Window Automation (PDF)


Operating & service manuals

Operating and maintenance instructions for E-Hardware (PDF)


Installation instructions

Multi E-hardware installation instructions (only for certified specialists!) (PDF)


Package leaflets

Commissioning Instructions – E-Hardware (PDF)



Sticker user information E-hardware (printout version) (PDF)