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What makes mTRONIC so unique?

Intelligent burglary detection

No need to activate it or arm it: mTRONIC is always active. The sensor detects movement of the handle. It is able to distinguish between normal use of the handle and forced intrusion through jemmying. It sends this information to a siren or a gateway.

The perfect addition to indispensable mechanical burglary protection.

Not visible

The sensor is concealed in the frame rebate and cannot be seen when the window is closed:a visually perfect design for the highest aesthetic standards.


Thanks to the clever wireless technology, the battery lasts 3 - 5 years, depending on use. No need to constantly replace the battery!

Extremely small

With its small size of just 18 mm, it fits in almost any window and is ideal for retrofitting, regardless or the hardware or manufacturer.

You decide when alarm notifications are sent.

mTRONIC does more than just show you the status of your windows – in the event of an alarm, it sends a signal which can be individually evaluated. Together with your smart home system, you can, for example::

  •  Send a message to a mobile phone
  •  Switch on all the lights in the property
  •  Activate external and internal sirens
  •  Pull down roller shutters

One sensor is all you need

Whether it’s a turn&tilt window, sliding door or front door – mTRONIC can be fitted anywhere. Just one component is all that’s needed for all applications.

Low radiation & secure

The EnOcean® wireless technology transmits data with 700 times less radiation than your home WLAN network. Your data is also encrypted for security.

Electronic security in the window

MACO shows us how it’s done