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Test centre

Test centre

As part of the obligation to provide a CE marking, every window manufacturer must provide practical verification that the building elements are airtight, water-tight and resistant to wind. The required test must be carried out by an accredited and certified testing agency. MACO operates as an external partner agency of gbd-lab GmbH. Window manufacturers can test their units directly for joint and watertightness at our test centre in Salzburg and receive an internationally valid test certificate. Tests for burglary resistance can also be carried out.

MACO test service

  • Combined advice, preliminary testing and main testing.
  • Preliminary testing: before a new system is tested by a testing institute, preliminary testing can be carried out at MACO.
  • Advantage: MACO offers tips for improvement and points out errors that customers can still rectify.
  • Cooperation with the gbd LAB GmbH: MACO operates as an external partner agency and can carry out preliminary testing and main testing in accredited fields.

Advantages for customers

  • Preliminary and main testing take place at the same location – in Salzburg.
  • Advice and rectifications are immediately carried out.
  • MACO experts provide support throughout the entire test process.
  • The customer receives the gbd-LAB certificate directly at MACO.
  • Optional: complete service including logistics for the test units.

This means:

  • Testing to standards from analysis through to certification from a single source.
  • The standard-compliant tests are performed using state-of-the-art testing equipment.
  • Complete process including testing within shortest period of time.
  • Clear description of services and absolute cost security.