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PROTECT door locks

PROTECT door locks on front doors, apartment entrance doors and back doors make forced entry a difficult job thanks to their special features, which include i.S. security roller cams, steel bolts, locking hooks and a hook & bolt combination. Optimised sound and thermal insulation complete the enhanced lock-specific features. Various security components, such as the hook&bolt combination, can be used up to burglary-resistance grade PAS24.

Advantages & benefits

  • Flexible installation

  • Can be used on all doors

  • Easy to process

  • Low stockholding

  • Flexible installation

    Can be used on the left and right, among other things. Continuous door lock faceplates.

  • Can be used on all doors

    For timber, PVC and aluminium systems. Easy to implement different security levels.

  • Easy to process

    Automation possible. Uniform positioning of the lock case. Jigs.

  • Low stockholding

    Thanks to the modular door lock system PROTECT module.

  • Design

  • Function

  • Living comfort

  • Security

  • Design

    Elegant surface finish. Harmoniously integrated cranked latch. Continuous faceplate.

  • Function

    All door locks have been tested for long-term performance.

  • Living comfort

    Optimum sound and thermal insulation. Soft and quiet door closing.

  • Security

    Security components up to burglary-resistance grade RC 3

Systems & solutions

  • A-TS

    Self-locking door lock

  • Z-TF

    3-latch lock with i.S. security roller cams or bolts

  • Z-TS/G-TS Modul

    ​The technically perfect solution for any door height

  • G-TA

    Handle-actuated automatic door lock

  • C-TS

    Handle-operated Combi lock

  • Z-RS

    Cylinder-actuated mortise lock

  • B-TV

    ​Balcony door locks

Range of options

Faceplates, striker plates and two-sash solutions

  • Striker plates & single piece door strikers

    Available for all conventional profile systems.

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  • Shootbolts & French casement drive gear

    for 2-sashed front doors: can be used on a variety of interlocking systems.

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  • Faceplates

    U-faceplate and top-hat faceplate

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