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As the door is closed into the frame the multi-point locking system automatically engages into the frame (including the dead bolt) without the need to lift the handle or operate the key thanks to Z-TA Automatic.

The weather performance, sound and thermal insulation and excellent security are all ensured when the door is closed without the need to use the handle or key.

On the Z-TA Comfort lock version, a motor affixed to the door lock takes charge of withdrawing the deadbolt and latches to open the door. The motor can be specified and is retrofitted to the lock as the door is produced.

Advantages for fabricators

  • The Z-TA gives your customers a wide range of options providing a convenient operation for a high-end door.
  • The MACO PROTECT Z-TA module concept uses standard, easy-to-store products to enable door heights of up to 3100 mm to be manufactured. The Z-TA Automatic door lock can be retrofitted with an electric motor to upgrade to the Z-TA Comfort for highest possible, keyless operating convenience.
  • Together with the MACO openDoor access control system, the Z-TA Comfort performs to the highest standards.
  • MACO openDoor is available in the door leaf-integrated versions Touch (fingerprint), Code (keypad) and Transponder-Plus.
  • Versatile module system for heights up to 3100 mm
  • Non handed door lock can be used on both left or right handed doors
  • Complete striker plate range for single-sash and double-sash front doors
  • "Plug and Play" connections for easy processing
  • Versatile access control systems: can also be used with commercially available access control systems
  • Suitable for use on composite, PVC, timber and aluminium door systems

Benefits for end users

  • Automatic locking for utmost convenience
  • Even gasket compression over the entire door height
  • Sound and thermal protection due to the automatic function
  • Durable due to permanent gasket compression over the entire door leaf (3 latches counteract any distortion of the door leaf)
  • Enables doors to be produced without a normal lever handle set
  • Burglary-resistance to PAS24-2012
  • MACO top hat or bull nose faceplate designs for enhanced aesthetic appearance
  • Motorised opening for enhanced operational comfort: The Z-TA Comfort opens the door leaf automatically
  • Can also be used with the MACO openDoor and commercially available access control systems
  • MACO silent latch function ensures easy closing of the door leaf


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