• Barrier-free design & operating convenience

    Regardless of size, age and physical condition, rooms must be easily accessible and usable for everyone, without outside assistance. This is embedded into the motto of barrier-free design, which has long since entered into the world of construction & housing.

  • Energy efficiency

    Today's energy-saving, multi-glazed elements are inevitably heavier than the single-glazed, simply-framed lightweights from the 1960s to late 1980s. In terms of movement and fastening technology, this presents a weighty challenge mastered by MACO hardware.

  • Security

    Burglar resistance is one of the key functional requirements of windows and doors. The longer a building element can thwart a burglary attempt, the safer an apartment or house is and the more secure its residents will feel. When it comes to security, mechanical burglary resistance is key. MACO specialises in the development and production of burglar-resistant hardware.

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Our products for ...

  • Windows

    MACO hardware represents design, security, energy efficiency and durability with the highest level of quality.

  • Doors

    Security and comfort, combined with optimum sound and thermal insulation – these are the hallmarks of MACO door lock solutions.

  • Sliding doors

    The sliding hardware for ceiling-height, large-format elements offers deluxe operation and large opening widths.

  • Ventilation

    Ventilation expertise for window manufacturers

  • Gaskets

    The small component that makes a big difference

  • Thresholds

    The all-round perfect door

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