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TECHNOgramms on the subject of RAIL-SYSTEMS HS

  • TECHNOgramm 3/2016

    Enter into MACO's world of smart building components

  • TECHNOgramm 3/2015

    Security - Convenience - Design

  • TECHNOgramm 2/2015

    Durable Large-format Secure locking up to RC 3

  • TECHNOgramm 3/2014

    Barrier free panorama

  • TECHNOgramm 1/2014

    Unmistakably MACO


Lift&slide doors

MACO hardware is a full range of the highest quality from a single source. Including drive gear, rollers, gasket tracks and thresholds. The hardware is suitable for moving sash weights up to 400 kg in PVC, timber and timber/aluminium. Product innovations include the revolutionary retractable locking hooks and flush striker plates. Other new features in addition to frameless fixed glazing include very narrow timber profiles, also available for very large-format doors with a sash height up to 3600 mm and a sash weight up to 300 kg.

The hardware components

in detail


for timber/aluminium profiles

  • Frameless fixed glazing

    If the lift&slide solution is manufactured in timber-aluminium, frameless fixed glazing can be used. This enables the maximum possible glass surface. More glass benefits the thermal performance of the overall unit. It is well known that glazing offers superior U values compared with a frame. The extended glass front also improves sound insulation properties. If the building owner also opts for shatter-proof glass, they will also be able to enjoy optimised protection against burglary as well as excellent thermal and sound insulation.

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