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TECHNOgramms on the subject of MAMMUT pivot post and scissor stay hinge

  • TECHNOgramm 2/2015

    Durable Large-format Secure locking up to RC 3

  • TECHNOgramm 3/2014

    Barrier free panorama



The impressive thermal performance of modern glazing and frame profiles has greatly expanded the scope for increasing the total window area. The pivot post and scissor stay hinges for sash weights up to 180 kg for PVC and up to 220 kg for timber are designed to hold and move casement doors and large-format windows up to 3.6 m². The hardware mechanism is complemented by the scissor stay hinge pin. The MAMMUT pivot post for PVC is also available in a version with rebate-leg screw-fixing.

Rebate-leg screw-fixingfor PVC profiles

  • No breaks in the seals or thermal bridges in the pivot post area
  • Suitable for casement doors with threshold, as the bearing can be positioned at the top
  • Gasket compression can be set via the positioning of the drilling hole pattern
  • Drilling and screwing can be carried out with a power unit
  • Security up to RC3 possible
  • Can be used on left/right

​Advantages for fabricators

  • Special formats and weights (e.g. for passive houses)
  • Adjustable laterally and in height
  • Central locking system (except the scissor stay) unchanged
  • Rebated scissor stay support arm, pre-mounted
  • Robust appearance
  • No frame routings required
  • Only sash routing necessary (except for 'large' rebate leg gasket)

Benefits for end users

  • For large-format units with heavy glass weights (low-energy houses)
  • Extremely robust design for enhanced security
  • Reliable burglar resistance
  • Can also be used as ceiling-height units
  • Extremely corrosion-resistant thanks to optional TRICOAT-PLUS hardware finish


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