MacoWinPlus: Simply manage data

​Our MacoWinPlus software is your powerful interface to your window construction program. As our customer, you can use this unique tool to quickly and flexibly setup your hardware configurations. Simply adapt the hardware to your exact requirements – MacoWinPlus prevents any incorrect hardware combinations. Calculate your own offers and set grid data, and benefit from the clear hardware presentation.

Reliable interfaces

MacoWinPlus communicates with your software and exchanges data via an interface. Every update is accepted, whether it is about an offer, an order or the production order (drilling data). As an authorised customer, you can also comfortably enter your orders online in our ordering platform.

Additionally, MacoWinPlus allows you to load the current hardware prices (per piece and per set), so that everything is perfectly clear for your customers. Inputting your desired opening types and hardware variants also only needs to be done once, when you start with MacoWinPlus. And of course, changes can be simply made at any time.

Additional features

Handover the hardware calculation to your technician - graphically all clearly detailed. So that the hardware can be installed as you want it to be.

​Stay always up to date with our Online Updates. We regularly update MacoWinPlus with new products and current product data. Here, you also have access to information from our Technical Online Catalogue (TOM).



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