PRO-DOOR hinges

The three-piece door hinge range extends from a hinge that can be easily screwed on for back doors to high-quality butt hinges for stylish front doors. The hinges, which can be adjusted in three dimensions, are available for front and back doors made of PVC with a total door weight of up to 120 kg. The patented ball bearing of the axle pin prevents the door sash from dropping. All three front-door hinges can be set in three dimensions and can be adjusted when hinged. A fourth door hinge, which has been specially designed for the English market, is also available.

Door hinge types

This door hinge, which has been designed for the British market, holds a sash weight of up to 80 kg. It complements flush, unrebated timber door systems and composite doors. The axle pin of the door hinge holds the sash and frame securely together during assembly and adjustment. One person can use a T20 key to adjust an installed door alone whenever necessary – no need to release the catch first. The door hinge is tested in accordance with English standards PAS 23 / 24.
​The subtle appearance of the MACO PRO-DOOR T100 R is captivating:: when installed, only the hinge-roll is visible on this partially concealed aluminium door hinge. This makes the T100 R a high-performance, subtle design detail on stylish PVC front doors with a sash weight of up to 100 kg. The long term performance has been tested with a sash weight of 120 kg.
The sash component of the T120 P is made of steel. This guarantees optimum stability and maximum life span. The door hinge is designed for a sash weight of 120 kg. It is the preferred choice for PVC front doors with wide profile views.
The T100 P with a load-bearing capacity for a sash weight up to 100 kg is recommended for PVC front and back doors with narrow profile views. The sash component of the T100 P is made of steel.

​T100 R, T120 P and T100 P advantages

The three-piece door hinge range uses patented ball bearings to combine technically sophisticated functionality with reliable security and a long service life.

The ball bearings centre the rotation axis (in the form of a pin) between the sash side  and the frame-side component of the door hinge. They further minimize the already extremely low tolerances. The point contact of the approaching components represents another plus point.

This reduces friction and results  in less wear.

Three-dimensional: all three front-door hinges can be set in three dimensions and can be adjusted when hinged: they accommodate +/- 4.5 mm lateral adjustment, + 5 /-1 mm height adjustment and +/- 1.8 mm gasket compression regulation.

The hinges not only withstand sinking but also other signs of ageing, such as potential material deformation caused by difference in temperature. All settings can be made using a 4 mm Allen key.

The door does not need to be unhinged for adjustment.

Intelligent installation: single and telescopic jigs streamline installation.

A 4 mm Allen key can be used for fastening. The drill size of the screw fixings and the supporting pins is the same. Installation can be carried out in no time at all without changing your drill.

The T100 P and T120 P hinges for screwing-on are optionally available with and without rebate-leg screw-fixing.

Maintenance-free: the extremely stable sockets in the frame component of the three front-door hinges are made from material that is highly resistant to creep-pressure.

The fibre-reinforced plastic of the socket and the steel axle pin form a functional unit that provides durable operation without the need for extra maintenance.

Certified: durability tests confirm the long-term performance of the three front-door hinges: The hinges have been tested for 200,000 opening and closing cycles at the PIV Velbert testing institute.

Certificates provide proof of the resistance.

Individual colours: with numerous RAL colours and surface finishes in high-quality stainless steel and gold-look, the hinges are a real eye-catcher the front door.

Consistent colour is guaranteed as all three hinge types are each manufactured from the same material.

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