C-TS Mullion Free Door Lock

Security, performance and ease of operation should not be at the expense of elegance.

The MACO C-TS Mullion Free door locking solution enables the fabrication of slimline double door sets. Lever operated, both door locks for the master and slave sashed combine together to form a single locking system.

With steel security hooks and shootbolt locking to both door leafs ensure both the weather and security performance of the door set is maximised.

Advantages for fabricators


The C-TS Mullion Free door lock enables the fabrication of high performing and secure double door sets with an elegance that is unmatched.

  • Non handed door lock can be used on both left or right handed doors
  • Both locks interact with one another removing the need for a mullion profile
  • Suitable for use on timber and composite door systems
  • 16 and 20 mm wide faceplates with a 3 mm material thickness for high stability

Benefits for end users

  • Twin C-TS combined lever operated door locks, locking directly into one another
  • Master sash cannot lock into the slave until the slave door has been operated
  • Easy to operate locking system with low operating forces
  • Fully adjustable slave lock and top and bottom shootbolt strikes
  • Steel hooks for increased security
  • Lift lever and split spindle operation from one single lock
  • MACO latch retention device for split spindle operation
  • PAS24-2012 security tested (with PAS24 shootbolts)
  • MACO silent latch function ensures easy closing of the door leaf

Further information