C-TS Stable Door Lock

A purpose made locking system to enable the construction of a high performing stable door whilst maintaining a traditional look and operation.

A C-TS lever operated lock is fitted to the top half of the door set and a key operated lock is installed into the bottom half. Allows for both door halves to be opened as one, the top half of the door can be opened independently of the bottom which remains securely closed.

Advantages for fabricators

Stable doors can easily be manufactured with existing profile systems resulting in a door system that is both traditional in looks and offering levels of performance not normally possible with this style of door.

  • Both locks interact with one another through the overlapping profile
  • Shootbolt locking from the bottom half into the bottom of the top door lock
  • Non handed door lock can be used on both left or right handed doors
  • Suitable for use on PVC, timber and composite door systems
  • 16 and 20 mm wide faceplates with a 3 mm material thickness for high stability

Benefits for end users

  • Top half of the door is lever operated with a soft latch and dead bolt as standard
  • Bottom half of the door is operated by a key, when unlocked it automatically engages into the top half of the door allowing the stable door to form a single door.
  • In the closed position each sash has its own independent locking system
  • Easy to operate locking system that to the C-TS lockcase and silent latch function
  • MACO silent latch function ensures easy closing of the door leaf


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