Frameless fixed glazing

In addition to narrow frame friezes, frameless fixed glazing serves to continue the trend towards the ultimate design goal of achieving large-area glazing with minimal framing. The material savings are another compelling advantage of this construction. Accommodated at the bottom, the fixed glazing is surrounded by a thermally separated compensation profile. Externally, the entire lift&slide combination is protected against climatic effects by an aluminium front profile.

​Advantages for fabricators

  • Lift&slide door as design element in the living space
  • Direct installation on the GFRP threshold
  • No second casement needed
  • Straightforward and rapid installation
  • Aluminium glazing bead for glazing repair from the outside: Aluminium cladding and surrounding masonry are not affected if the glass is changed

 Benefits for end users

  • Maximum possible daylight due to large glass surface area
  • Improved U values due to fixed glazing