Adapted to suit your door

The Transit Personal is specifically adapted to the geometry of your profile, the Transit Personal is the only threshold that offers complete perfection, as it is not created based on adaptation principles. It is instead based on the basis of your requirements and the structural conditions. The Transit Personal guarantees the advantages of a custom-made product without any risk or large investment. The MACO Transit Personal is a threshold that is specifically made for you and therefore always fits perfectly, for any type of front or casement door, with sash or frame-side seal.


The threshold adapts to the profile and not vice-versa

  • Made to measure

    The Personal threshold is available in two designs: for sash and butt joint tolerance seal. Thanks to the removable profile (A) and the variably positioned stop (B) frame widths from 68 to 113 mm and sash rebate depths from 24 to 56 mm can be covered. On request, the equalizing pieces for frames can also be adapted to any profile design.

  • No ingress of water or air

    Thanks to the geometry of the threshold, air and watertightness are guaranteed, and this is also primarily due to the perfect interplay with the centre seal of the window system. A circumferential seal guarantees maximum impermeability, including in the corners.

Personal threshold with connection bracket

The Transit Personal Threshold with connection bracket is a variant of the standard Transit Personal Threshold. It is not only adapted to the geometry of your profile but it also enable easy sealing on the outside. The integrated aluminium bracket serves as a connection surface both for the sealing membrane and for the liquid plastic. This then offering a guaranteed high quality installation of the window or door unit.


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