Security is a basic need. Both at home and in and public buildings. In nursery schools, schools, hospitals, residential care homes or office buildings. SAFETY PIN additionally secures all turn-only and turn&tilt windows and all casement doors with a sash weight up to 180 kg to prevent the sashes from falling out. This can happen to any unit regardless of the actual sash weight. Even a supposed "light weight" of just 60 kg. Therefore, MACO SAFETY PIN is a must in public buildings.

Advantages for fabricators

  • Security argument for public tenders
  • Stands out from the competition
  • Support pins used to fasten to the frame
  • Can be retrofitted

Benefits for end users

  • Protection against the possible consequences of misuse or overloading in private living spaces and public buildings (nursery schools, schools, hospitals)
  • Certainty that personal injury can be avoided as far as possible in the event of misuse
  • Prevents a window sash or casement from falling out if used incorrectly


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