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TECHNOgramms on the subject of Self-locking drive gear

  • TECHNOgramm 3/2016

    Enter into MACO's world of smart building components

Put a stop to burglars

Prevent intruders from gaining entry by manually shifting the cam! Thanks to MACO’s self-locking drive gear, this method is now a thing of the past. The secret behind this unique solution is the automatic anchorage of the security cam, which cannot be shifted to unbolt the window even if a force of 300 kg is applied in an attempt to gain access. (Image left) The self-locking drive gear therefore considerably increases the basic security of the window in the locked position, even without a lockable window handle, which would otherwise be used to prevent the cam from being shifted. If force is applied without self-locking drive gear, the handle turns upward. (Image on the right)

The self-locking drive gear is quick to install, and cost-effective and easy to retrofit.

​Advantages for fabricators

  • Huge added value with just one component
  • Stand out from the competition with a unique solution
  • Increases the basic security of the window and thereby its value
  • Easy fabrication, same as before
  • Familiar, unchanged, machine settings
  • Easy to retrofit through drive gear change
  • No change to components or installation types
  • Can also be used for standardised security according to EN 1627

Benefits for end users

  • Increases basic security in conventional window manufacturing
  • Increased burglary protection with locked window
  • Replaces the lockable window handle in standard window manufacturing
  • Larger choice of handle designs and colours
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Withstands a force of up to 300 kg on the cam
  • Longer life span thanks to standard sash lifter with turn&tilt drive gears


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