Joining forces to prevent condensation water

​Hinter einer Tür, die ihren Namen zu Recht trägt, steckt eine Bodenschwelle, die sie optimal ergänzt und entscheidend dazu beiträgt, Problematiken im Zusammenhang mit neuen, energieeffizienten Bauwerken und Sanierungen zu beheben – in erster Linie Schimmel und Kondenswasser.

​Condensation water forms when ...

  • ... There is a temperature difference between inside and outside.
  • ... It is damp indoors. Moisture forms due to a variety of indoor activities, such as cooking, showering, ironing – but only when people are there. The higher the indoor temperature, the greater the proportion of water vapour in the air.

The higher the relative humidity in a room, the higher the indoor temperature needs to be on the surfaces of windows, doors and thresholds (inside surface temperature) to prevent condensation water. The inside surface temperature is thus the temperature of the walls, the glass surface or the frame, measured on the inside. If this temperature is around the dew point for a long period of time, then there is a risk that mould will form on these surfaces. To prevent this, the minimum surface temperature should be higher than the
dew point.

If moist, warm air inside meets a cold surface, then condensation water will form there. Critical points are thus cold areas, i.e. windows, doors and thresholds on which thermal bridges can arise.

Strong arguments

  • Thermal barrier

    A Transit threshold ensures that thermal bridges cannot arise under a door, thereby increasing insulation and sealing performance. You can rest assured that no mould or condensation water will form. All Transit thresholds are made from PVC and aluminium and have an optimum thermal barrier: the surface temperature at the point of contact between the ground (inside) and threshold is thus always kept above 12.5°C.

  • No ingress of water or air

    During laboratory tests, the Transit thresholds achieved outstanding values for air and driving rain. They also all possess QM 340 certification from the ift Rosenheim institute. Those who have already marked their front door with another CE threshold, can switch to MACO without repeating the tests.

  • Suitable for all hardware

    The Personal threshold offers an array of options that you won’t want to miss. Such as metal reinforcement,  which is provided for screw fixing the striker plates and concealed pivot posts, thereby ensuring additional hold and security. The cover strip guarantees an attractive design.

  • Personalisation

    Both the threshold and the equalizing pieces for the frame are adapted to the geometry of the various profiles.

  • Building connection

    The Personal threshold with connection bracket enables easy sealing on the outside, thereby guaranteeing high-quality installation of the door unit.

  • Eliminate obstacles

    The Transit thresholds offer all limiting sizes that are needed for the production of doors without architectural barriers. Standard-compliant in the various EU states with structural dimensions of 20 to a maximum of 25 mm.

The right model for your needs

  • Personal threshold

    Adapted to suit your door

  • Removable threshold

    High-performance on the test rig

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