The fully concealed hinge-side represents the hinge technology for a new generation of turn&tilt windows.

Featuring burglar-resistance to PAS24-2012 and optimally sealed thermal insulation, the MULTI POWER can support sash weights of up to 130 kg on windows and up to 150 kg on casement doors on timber and PVC elements.

By adapting the MULTI POWER to thresholds, the hinge-side combines the requirements of a barrier-free floor connection in terms of DIN 18040 or ÖN B 1600 with the stylish advantages of invisible hardware.

MULTI POWER offers variety

  • MULTI POWER with load-bearing element

    The loadbearing capacity of our concealed hinge-side is now even greater

  • MULTI POWER in slim profiles

    Timber windows with the largest possible glass surfaces thanks to narrow frame views of only 10 mm

  • MULTI POWER plus threshold

    For casement doors with threshold – includes thermal insulation.

Advantages for fabricators

  • Clear differentiation with stable hinges and fixed axes
  • No open guide slots in the pivot post
  • Compact design
  • Low frame clearance makes for very slim profiles
  • Flush-mounted window systems with shadow joints from 4 mm
  • For 9 and 13 mm hardware axes
  • For aluminium systems with 16 mm Eurogroove
  • No need for locking point directly below the scissor stay
  • Automated fabrication, scissor stay faceplates and corner supports with gripping positions
  • No holes or routing, straightforward installation
  • Cover caps with customised logo possible

Benefits for the end user

  • No thermal bridges, no seal interruptions, no condensation
  • Burglar-resistant security up to RC 3 possible
  • Large opening angles of 100°
  • Integrated sash lifter
  • Integrated anti-slam device for tilt position
  • Barrier-free transition to the balcony and patio doors in terms of DIN 18040 or ÖN B 1600 in combination with a threshold
  • Improved slider in the scissor stay for reduced maintenance
  • No visible white grease
  • Visually appealing with flush design
  • The small frame clearance allows trouble-free placement of the operating elements for shading
  • Cover caps
  • Extremely corrosion-resistant thanks to optional TRICOAT-PLUS hardware finish