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  • The versatile smart home solution

    ​Security wherever you are

    Want to check the status of your windows and doors and control processes in your home from anywhere? Provided you’re connected to the Internet, you can check in on your home at all times. mTRONIC provides convenience as well as security: turn the heating down when the windows are open, close the blinds if unusual movement is detected outside, and much more. Why not find out more about our online system solutions?

    mTRONIC transmits via EnOcean®

    mTRONIC uses the widely used EnOcean® radio protocol. This makes it flexible to use and means it can be integrated in all standard smart home solutions – for protection against burglary and for controlling household appliances.

    Gateways for your for your smart home solution
  • Local building security

    Security when you are at home

    Combined with a siren, the wireless sensor is the perfect solution for those who want to sleep soundly in the knowledge that their home is protected. Simply connect the wireless sensor with the indoor siren and that’s it! The intelligent indoor siren responds immediately and automatically to the mTRONIC burglary signal. This solution provides security without the need for complicated technology and can be turned into an online solution at any time.

    A low cost entry point into the world of security

    mTRONIC acts as an offline solution without a gateway and thus without an Internet connection: simply connect the wireless sensor to the indoor siren and you’re done!

    Products for local building security


for the online solution

Combine the homee Brain Cube and EnOcean Cube and you’re all set. After a quick and easy set-up, homee networks with other components and controls all EnOcean components, such as sensors and actuators for building control and security.


With the Eltako Tap-radio®, end users can easily and cost-effectively expand their home electrical installation or activate building security. The TF-IP-Con IV IP controller receives mTRONIC EnOcean signals, which are sent to socket actuators (indoor sirens, acoustic signal generators, etc.). With the addition of the wibutler pro home server and combined with the Eltako GFA2 wireless building app, the building can also be controlled via smartphone or tablet.


The mediola® AIO GATEWAY V5 Plus is a universal smart home control centre, which integrates the mTRONIC and other wireless components (e.g. EnOcean) into its NEO smart home concept. In terms of control, the AIO Creator NEO, a unique and versatile smart home software, can be used to put together one’s own fully customised smart home app.


Afriso offers the Afrisohome Gateway HG 01, as the foundation of building management, for controlling sensors and actuators. Events and messages are documented and, where applicable, are output as warning messages on mobile end devices. Like mTRONIC, the HG 01 is highly energy-efficient, as it is based on EnOcean wireless technology, and is best suited for smart home systems in the private sector or in apartment buildings.


​IP-Symcon is one of the leading building automation solutions in Europe. The Smart-Home Control Centre connects all well-known systems, such as KNX, LCN, EnOcean, Z-Wave and HomeMatic, within one interface. The operation is easily done via an App or Browser and is functionally upgradeable. The current monitoring status is instantly visible. It notifies the user of any irregularities so they can react wherever they are.


TaHoma, one application to control the entire house!
It is simple and intuitive to use, controlling all the house equipment, shutters, gate, garage door, alarms, as well as the mTRONIC Multisensor etc., and managing heating, lighting, from the house or remotely via smartphone, tablet or computer. Offering a greater sense of well-being and peace of mind every day, with an energy-saving house. Easily created scenarios help you in everyday life. For instance, every day of the week, when you leave for work in a hurry, the shutters close, the alarm is switched on, the heating goes to eco mode and the gate closes automatically. Saving lots of time!

Integration instruction manuals

Products for local building security

The AIS 10 Pro indoor siren allows for versatile use in building services engineering. The mains-plug version can be plugged into any socket and is ready to use right away. The siren lets you teach in up to 20 different products via EnOcean® wireless. These include door and window contacts, water sensors, smoke detectors, buttons, AFRISO WATCHDOGLINE alarm units and additional indoor sirens. If one of the connected EnOcean® devices is activated, a wireless signal is sent to the product. The alarm messages from the corresponding sensor are repeated every second to ensure reliable transmission to higher-level networked systems. The siren then emits a alarm tone of 90 dB and the LED lights up red. Once the cause of the alarm has been dealt with, the alarm tone is muted and the LED changes to green. The product can also be operated as a component of the AFRISOhome gateway and the siren can also be controlled via mobile phone app. What’s more, the product also features a repeater function. The indoor siren also monitors the mains voltage. If there is a power outage, a warning message is automatically sent to the higher-level systems.



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