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A revolution for design and logistics

Design freedom

Show your true colours

INSTINCT is available in different colours and can be combined in different ways. The locks can be perfectly matched to doors made of timber, aluminium or PVC. So, depending on your preference, INSTINCT can be integrated almost invisibly or used as an elegant eye-catcher.

Select material
Choose colour
Small & slim

Compact design – minimal storage costs

The modular system and the various configuration options allow for optimal adaptation to every requirement. Installation and position can also be freely selected.

  • Slim product range
    INSTINCT's modular system radically simplifies logistics and guarantees short delivery times.
  • Minimal storage costs
    Compact size and space-saving packaging minimise storage space requirements.
  • Easy handling
    The innovative design greatly simplifies internal transport.
  • Modular system
    The exact configuration can be decided at short notice – special orders are no longer necessary.
German Innovation Award 2022 Winner & reddot Winner 2022

Two Awards

INSTINCT by MACO has convinced – with exceptional design quality and outstanding innovation performance. This revolutionary door lock is the German Innovation Award Winner 2022 in the category "Excellence in Business to Business - Building & Elements". And the jury of the internationally renowned Red Dot Award awarded INSTINCT for Product Design 2022. With this radiance, doors are truly put in a new light.

Innovative design

Unlimited possibilities

A front door is the first point of contact for the residents and guests in a residential property. And thus an ideal place to make a first impression. Until now, door dimensions and shapes have been limited by locking technology. INSTINCT opens up completely new possibilities for front door design where there are almost no limits to the height, width and shape of the door.

Modular and flexible

The locking components can be installed not only in the door leaf, but also in the frame and even horizontally on the upper sash edge. This enables particularly slim profile views and ensures a clean door front.

Regardless of whether it is particularly high or unusually shaped - ideas from architects and end customers can be easily realised thanks to the flexible positioning of the individual locking points.

With three different housing shapes, INSTINCT can be perfectly matched to doors made of timber, aluminium or PVC and thus integrated almost invisibly.

Elegant & compact

Advanced design

Different colours
Different colours

There are different colours to choose from, which can be combined in different ways.

Innovative design
Innovative design

The innovative design ensures individual application possibilities with minimal effort.

Modular possibilities
Modular possibilities

Thanks to the system’s flexibility, early decisions and special orders are no longer necessary.

Compact system
Compact system

Perfectly coordinated, compact components simplify both storage and logistics.


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German Innovation Award 2022 Winner & reddot Winner 2022