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The MACO Innovation Tour

Driven by INSTINCT

Right across Europe

The MACO Innovation Tour

We’re bringing the power of the MACO Group to the road – in the truest sense of the word. From September 2022, the MACO Truck will tour across Europe for 10 months. Here, you will experience all our innovations, such as the INSTINCT fully electronic door lock.

Are you curious about the largest sample case in the industry? Then, be inspired on this page by an excerpt from the innovations on show in the MACO Truck.

  • We’re coming to you - with over 80 stops in 20 countries, and therefore always close to you.

  • For that WOW effect, you have to experience our products live. Convince yourself on-site of the incomparable feel, look and operation of our innovations. Our MACO crew will also be happy to answer all your questions.

  • Exclusive - We’ll show you our products, services and systems, and all safe from Corona! A pre-registration secures your the visit to our events and tour stops in small groups.
Always live ...


We welcome posts from our tour stops on Facebook and LinkedIn. Post your contribution under the hashtag #macoinnovationtour.

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MACO Innovation Tour: Tour Book (PDF)