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Access authorisation – simple and individual

INSTINCT is ideal for the everyday mobile life of users. The INSTINCT App is designed for intuitive use. Easy operation meets smart functionality. The App guarantees maximum flexibility for a wide variety of situations and scenarios.

Define permissions

Individual access authorisations can be defined via the App. The INSTINCT App solves those typical everyday challenges such as "handing over keys" to cleaners, tradesmen or suppliers with the tap of a finger.

Local storage ensures maximum data security. Here, it’s so easy to grant free access when required for a certain period of time. And at the same time, each opening is logged in the report.

Enabling parental controls prevents children from leaving the house unattended. And especially practical is where one-time access can be defined individually and assigned spontaneously, even while on the go, with the App.


Additional access options

For those who do not want to rely on the App alone, there are alternative options that can be installed on request and depending on needs and requirements. As an addition to the App’s smart functionality.

If you have a smart home system, INSTINCT can also be integrated here.

A fingerprint sensor can be easily connected to the system so that the door can be opened using a fingerprint.

The system can also be opened with a PIN code. Just like the fingerprint scanner, the keypad is installed in the door or wall.
Always connected

Connectivity with INSTINCT

Access authorisations
Access authorisations

Access authorisations, whether permanent or temporary, can be defined easily and individually.

Day release
Day release

With the day release, the door can be made freely passable for a certain period of time.

Access report
Access report

The report function provides a complete overview of all openings from both the inside and the outside.

Alternative connections
Alternative connections
On request, fingerprint, keypad or smart home connection are also possible.


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