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Instinct by MACO

Reinventing Entrance Technology

German Innovation Award 2022 Winner & reddot Winner 2022

The locking system for the 21st Century

After more than 150 years in which the cylinder lock has been continuously developed and optimised, we asked ourselves - What if you could solve the locking and unlocking of a door in an unprecedented way? Our answer is INSTINCT and it heralds a turning point in the history of door locking.

The innovative locking mechanism

Horsehead mechanism

The lock with the horse-head mechanism locks in the direction of door movement, ensures extremely high contact pressure and locks and unlocks the door very quickly and quietly.

INSTINCT locks mechanically-automatically as standard and uses the weight of the door for a secure contact pressure.

The INSTINCT lock component is available in two variants - Guard locks mechanically and automatically, Guard+ provides additional motorised contact pressure.


Simple operation, open by App

High usability

The associated mobile App guarantees maximum ease of use. This makes it easy to control who has access and who doesn't.

Access authorisation can be easily setup with the App and individually for each person, with one-time access also possible spontaneously on the go.

INSTINCT offers a fully electronic lock solution for the front door, completely without a key. Can also be integrated into your smart home on request.


Vertical, horizontal, inclined. Flexible and modular.

Integrated day release

The day release allows people to go in and out freely for a specific period of time. During this time, the door is freely passable.

There are almost no limits to the height, width and shape of the door. INSTINCT opens up completely new possibilities for front door design.

The position of the components in the door leaf or the door frame is freely selectable - vertically, horizontally and also in hard-to-reach places. Everything is possible.


A new level of security

High level of tamper resistance
High level of tamper resistance

Thanks to the strong mechanism, high contact pressure and the extremely robust construction it also withstands intensive tamper attempts.

Burglary detection
Burglary detection

Several sensors detect each tamper attempt. Connect to common alarm and smart home systems easily and quickly.

Concealed position
Concealed position

The locking points are completely hidden. And without a cylinder, there is no obvious point of attack for burglars.

RC 2 – certified security
RC 2 – certified security

Security is our top priority - just three locking points are enough to achieve the RC 2 resistance class.


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German Innovation Award 2022 Winner & reddot Winner 2022