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Corporate guidelines

We recognise risks & exploit opportunities
Protected data

Protected data

The protection of personal data is particularly important to MACO. Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the country-specific data protection and telecommunications laws as well as other legal provisions is a matter of course for us.

We attach great importance to ensuring that the processing of data is fair and transparent for everyone. What data do we process, for what purpose and on what legal basis? These questions, among others, are answered by our data protection declarations, which we make available to everyone on our website in 11 languages.

Highlights 2023

  • Own data protection officer
  • Comprehensive  data protection declarations on the website on topics such as training, events, contractual partners, product apps, access control systems, etc.


Safe working conditions, sustainability and environmental protection or anti-bribery laws are some of the topics covered in the "MACO Code of Business Conduct". This complies with international standards and ensures that we set high standards for ourselves and the way we conduct our business. How we conduct our business is therefore just as important as the business itself in order to be a trustworthy partner with integrity.

Compliance with our corporate values and this Code of Conduct is a clear focus of the entire MACO Group. On the one hand, it is a daily guide for our employees and, on the other, it was expanded in 2023 to include requirements for our business partners and suppliers and rolled out across the Group. By accepting an order, they undertake to comply with the rules applicable in our COBC.



We value open communication and honest feedback. That is why we want to create an environment in which every employee can report violations of the law, our global Code of Conduct and other irregularities without fear of personal repercussions: This is made possible by the whistleblowing platform  implemented in 2023. It is operated by an independent third-party provider and is available online.

We thus offer a secure framework for reporting breaches of our corporate ethics: anyone can report anything that goes wrong, regardless of time and place - optionally completely anonymously and untraceable. The platform is also available in 17 national languages so that language barriers are no obstacle.

A team of compliance officers in the various branches, works councils and representatives of the various specialist departments follow up on the information and initiate the necessary measures. Ideally, this enables us to avert legal and financial problems for the company at an early stage.