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Tradition & vision

Tradition & vision

MACO is an autonomous and independent family-run business and will remain so. The Mayer family and the MACO management team lead the company for the benefit of all stakeholders involved with foresight and economic sensitivity. MACO is well prepared for the coming decades, and is able to offer you the values and economic support of a healthy, long-established family business.

Years of development 1947-1970

Years of development 1947-1970

  • 1947 Company is founded by KR Lorenz Mayer
  • 1952 The company relocates from Altenmarkt to Salzburg
Internationalisation 1971-1993

Internationalisation 1971-1993

  • 1971 KR DI Ernst Mayer takes over the management of the company.
  • 1972 - 1992 The company grows in stages to 25,400 m² and 590 employees.
  • 1981 MACO Italy
  • 1986 MACO United Kingdom
  • 1986 MACO The Netherlands
  • 1990 MACO Germany
1994 to today

1994 to today

  • 1994, a production plant is opened in Trieben, Austria
  • 1998, MACO Poland
  • 2006, MACO Spain
  • 2007, MACO France, MACO Slovakia, MACO Czech Republic
  • 2008, MACO Ukraine, MACO Romania
  • 2009, MACO Bulgaria
  • 2010, a production plant is opened in Mauterndorf, Austria and an assembly plant and sales subsidiary is opened in Kaluga, Russia
  • 2011, MACO Croatia
  • 2015, Still a family business, but with new management
  • 2017, Expansion of the assembly plant in Kaluga and opening of the assembly plant in Gliwice (Poland)
  • 2018, Majority acquisition of the German company HAUTAU GmbH



Welcome to the world of MACO (PDF)