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MACO VENT ventilator

MACO VENT ventilator

MACO window ventilation system

Revitalise your quality of life

Manual airing of a room is often not enough and leads to bad air, condensation or mould. The solution for this is the MACO Vent concealed window rebate valve. It ensures a minimum airing if there is no-one at home and thereby prevents any condensation problems. This intelligent component sits recessed in the window rebate and reacts automatically to wind, but can also be closed manually if needed. This window ventilation system also regulates the fresh air supply and prevents strong drafts. MACO Vent is thus an investment in well-being and at the same time protects the building itself.

Advantages & benefits

Advantages for


  • Easy to assemble and upgradeable
  • No frame or sash milling requied
  • No drilling required
  • Online Software for calculation and design
  • Suitable for all common PVC profiles
Benefits for

End users

  • Automatic minimum ventilation
  • Prevents condensation and mould formation
  • Prevents drafts
  • Heat efficient
  • Installed flush in window rebate
  • Manual closing possible


Operating & service manuals

Multi Operating and maintenance instructions for end users (turn-only, turn&tilt and tilt-first hardware) (PDF)



Calculation tool for concealed window rebate valve (XLS)