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MACO Secure Plus

MACO Secure Plus

Thank you for considering the installation of MACO products for your windows and doors. By installing MACO products you will ensure that your property is protected to the highest standards.

MACO have been manufacturing performance window and door security products for over 65 years and over that time have become synonymous with quality that is hard to beat. As a mark of our confidence in the products you will have installed, we would be pleased to enrol you into the MACO Secure Plus scheme.

This scheme is designed to ensure that you can secure your property with confidence, knowing that forced entry is almost impossible.

If your installer is a MACO Secure Plus Windows Installer please click - Register Windows on the tab below

If your Installer is a MACO Secure Plus WIndow & Door Installer please click Register Windows & Doors on the tab below

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MACO Secure Plus - Terms & Conditions (PDF)