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Sustainable & circular

Sustainable & circular

MACO publishes its 3rd Future Report

For MACO, a sustainable future not only begins with the product, but with the economy itself. Our development towards circular business models is the key focus. This is presented in the recently published Future Report 2023 entitled "Creating tomorrow. Acting circular." 

360-degree commitment
Read how we have taken further decisive steps towards a sustainable future despite a challenging year with material shortages and the energy crisis. Be it the expansion of our portfolio with recyclable products, the progressive increase in material and energy efficiency or our increasing energy self-sufficiency, for example through the use of solar energy.

The current report presents our ambitious sustainability programme. In addition to environmental measures, it highlights initiatives in the social sector such as equal opportunities, health protection and transparency, along with responsible corporate governance. For the first time, MACO is also highlighting projects from the various branches.

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