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Norm Service

Our norm service offers you tests in our test centre, advice and expert knowledge as well as licensing based on our extensive system tests.
Resistance Class (RC)

Resistance Class (RC)

Burglary? No, thank you!

RC stands for "Resistance Class" and indicates the resistance class in terms of burglar resistance. Does your element fulfil the respective requirement? We will test this for you, from RC 1 to 4, on every material. We issue licences that enable you to manufacture compliant products even without extensive testing.



Maximum sash weight

The German TBDK is short for "Fixing of load-bearing hardware components in turn-only and tilt-and-turn hardware". In this testing, we determine the maximum tensile and compressive forces that can act on the rebate scissor stay support arm and scissor stay arm without damaging the screw connection to the frame. From this we derive the maximum sash weight, so you can manufacture sizes and variants safely.

CE Marking

CE Marking

For distributors

"CE" stands for "Conformité Européenne" (European Conformity). Anyone who builds windows or doors and places them on the market must test the system – for example, for air permeability, resistance to driving rain and wind resistance. And we do this for you. Mandatory CE labelling ensures that your products meet these requirements.



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