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The MACO sensor world: Tronic

The MACO sensor world: Tronic

MACO’s Tronic sensors monitor the open and closed state of your windows, front door and sliding doors. They also offer many additional safety-relevant and convenient functions. These include integration of windows and doors into your alarm system or you can also create your own smart alarm system. The Tronic sensors are available with both wired and wireless technology and thus optimally complement your mechanical burglary protection.

By the way, you can also look forward to the elegant black redesign of our mTronic wireless sensor (see illustrations), which we expect to supply you from the 2nd quarter of 2022 onwards. The well-proven version is currently available in light grey.

Wired or Wireless?

Our wired and wireless Tronic sensors



Smart Home: The digital building envelope with smart building components from MACO & HAUTAU (PDF)


Package leaflets

Package Leaflet Tronic: Wireless actuator ()

Package Leaflet Tronic: Wireless Sensor eTronic for Espags (PDF)