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MULTI ZERO 0 mm threshold systems

MULTI ZERO for a fully barrier-free design

MULTI ZERO for a fully barrier-free design

MULTI ZERO is the new locking hook from MACO, which is redefining barrier-free design. 20 mm is not the tolerance limit for barrier-free thresholds – no, at MACO, only zero millimetres will do. It is the absolutely compromise-free flush-fit threshold, with no risk of tripping. Whether it is a child’s trike, walking frame or wheelchair, the new locking hook is the unique technical solution for creating a professional, thresholdless transition, without any obstacles. It is suitable for the high-end private market as well as public buildings, retirement homes, nursery schools, and so on. The clever locking solution engages from the sash into the striker plate in the threshold: not only does the double hook offer extra security for burglary resistance (RC 2), it also connects the sash and threshold to form a unit which meets all water and air-tightness requirements. Zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing can get in between and nothing protrudes at all. Another multi-talent from MACO!

MULTI ZERO 0 mm threshold systems

Advantages & benefits

Advantages for


  • Enables easy construction of stepless thresholds with locking points – unique on the market
  • Locking hook can be linked for easy adaptation to the door width
  • Low logistic effort as only two components required
  • Tilt striker plate is replaced by locking hook
  • Easy fabrication as only one pocket must be milled in the fitting groove
  • Centre die anchorage for easy and secure assembly
  • Standardized security class RC 2 possible
Benefits for

End users

  • Convenience and security combined
  • The threshold offers no resistance at all
  • Unique solution, which goes beyond the existing standard in which thresholds of 20 mm are regarded as “barrier-free"
  • Zero-barrier – yet sealed against ingress of water and air
  • ”Turn and tilt" possible
  • The locking hook enables standardized security class RC 2 for zero-barrier threshold systems
  • Same maintenance interval as all other fittings



MULTI ZERO Locking hook for zero-barrier threshold systems (PDF)


Operating & service manuals

Multi Operating and maintenance instructions for end users (turn-only, turn&tilt and tilt-first hardware) (PDF)