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Health & Safety

We protect the human resource
Health & Safety

We protect the health of our employees and ensure that they can contribute to the success of the company in a safe working environment. To this end, we have also implemented a number of preventative measures in 2023 to raise awareness and increase occupational safety:

  • Team of safety experts further expanded
  • Internal audits on employee protection
  • Various training programmes
  • Safety First Programm: specially trained safety mentors in all production areas
  • Up to 5 safety checks per month
  • and much more.

And that paid off: We were once again able to fall well below the industry average for accidents at work calculated by AUVA.

Ahead of the industry

Ahead of the industry

Our safety measures are working - as demonstrated not least by the significant reduction in accidents at work:

  • These have fallen by 47 per cent across the Group compared to 2022.
  • We halved the number of accidents at our production sites in Trieben and Mauterndorf.
  • At our German site in Helpsen, only one accident was recorded in 2023 - and that with 300 production employees and despite increasing reporting of near misses and accidents at work.

Sick leave

The health of our employees is particularly important to us - only those who are physically and mentally fit are fully productive. Due to three long-term sick leaves as a result of accidents, the total hours lost have increased significantly compared to the previous year. We hope to welcome our colleagues back to the MACO team soon and slowly return them to their daily work routine.

We protect our labour force

Depending on the activity, work in production requires suitable protective clothing. We regularly evaluate all workplaces and equip our employees with the necessary protective goggles, safety goggles and gloves.

Reduce danger spots

Improving working conditions and making them safer is one of the most important reasons for modernising processes and machines. Each production area and department is checked up to five times a month and hazardous points are eliminated - for example, the double drum system in the electroplating department was completely enclosed to eliminate the risk of injury from falling parts.

Which employees have already been trained in safety-related topics? Which ones need refresher training? Our team leaders use a new training matrix (Syneris) to keep track of this. This has already been rolled out in a large part of the company.

Acid-resistant protective clothing is used wherever chemicals are handled. To ensure long-lasting protection, we have them professionally cleaned and impregnated.

New since 2023: Protective goggles are mandatory in all plants in the areas of die casting technology, injection moulding technology and surface technology.

At our plant in Germany, cooling hats and waistcoats provide cooling, particularly at workstations in production where temperatures are high.

Safety shoes are mandatory in our production halls and warehouses. If employees or visitors have forgotten them, we have come up with something special: Rubber overshoes with protective caps that can be pulled over street shoes. This provides the necessary protection.

Build up knowledge

Wide range of training courses

Wide range of training courses

Employees from administrative areas can take part in numerous safety training courses on our MACOversity e-learning platform. Together with our face-to-face seminars, which are aimed at all employees, this gives them access to a comprehensive range of safety training.

An excerpt from our comprehensive training programme:

  • Basic instruction for VDU workstations incl. quiz
  • Safe business trips: Travelling safely on the road
  • Personal safety equipment against falls from a height
  • First aid refresher course for first aiders / for chemical & electrical accidents
  • Apprentice trainers "Legal & safe": What is my apprentice allowed to do and at what age?
  • Operating presses safely 
  • Annual multi-day management training course on occupational safety
Better than the norm

Better than the norm

ISO 45001 on occupational health and safety is the standard by which we measure ourselves. All Austrian sites, our subsidiary HAUTAU and, in 2023, our production plant in Poland have been successfully certified in accordance with this standard.

We are particularly pleased to report that no major or minor non-conformities were identified in any of the audits; instead, every site is 100 per cent compliant. We want to continue this in 2024 and have further locations audited.

Numerous first aiders

Numerous first aiders

Our team of safety experts is constantly being expanded and strengthened - including in 2023. There are also several hundred first aiders, over 90 at the Helpsen site alone, to whom MACO offers regular first aid training. We have also trained dozens of fire safety assistants among our employees to provide support in the event of an emergency.

In addition, many employees work for charitable organisations such as the volunteer fire brigade, the Red Cross or the Samaritans and can take part in operations at short notice if there is an acute fire situation.

I like being a first aider at MACO: every four years, my knowledge of first aid is brought up to date. It is always good to be familiar with the necessary immediate first aid measures, not only in my professional work in the chemistry laboratory, but also in my private life, for example when hiking.

Sandra Maierhofer, Laboratory Trieben

Maintain health

Occupational physicians at many of our locations, occupational psychology counselling, relaxation rooms, free physiotherapy and company sports programmes - these are just some of the services on offer, which are constantly being expanded.
Ergonomic workstations

Ergonomic workstations

Ergonomic workstations play a key role in maintaining health over the long term. Workplaces in both production and administrative areas are regularly assessed at all locations (2023 in particular Trieben, FR, UK) - by internal (e.g. occupational physicians) and external consultants (e.g. AUVA). Optimisations are derived from this and implemented. This helps to prevent poor posture and the resulting illnesses, for example

Physio & exercise in the workplace

Physio & exercise in the workplace

Two physiotherapists look after our German employees in production and the office. They not only offer short 15-minute sports programmes with relaxation exercises that participants can use during working hours. Massage and physiotherapy sessions can also be booked free of charge - an offer that over 50 employees regularly take advantage of.

In addition, an exercise oasis has been set up for all employees to use. At the end of their shift, they can take part in supervised exercises. Free fruit is also provided to promote health.

Prevention with fresh air fitness

Prevention with fresh air fitness

Together with the company "Frischluft Fitness", we have been working on a varied training programme for all employees since mid-2023 - from yoga classes to running training (e.g. in the run-up to the business run). Joint sports groups are also an incentive to exercise regularly.

In 2024, this training programme will be tailored even more specifically to the various work situations. What are the physical effects of working at certain workplaces? And how can these be counteracted at an early stage through targeted mobilisation exercises? The exercises should have a preventative effect and maintain and promote the health of employees.

Wellbeing Team

Wellbeing Team

Driven by Covid 19, working from home has also increased at MACO. In addition to the positive aspects, such as for the environment, working from home also harbours risks: Loneliness, little interaction, unergonomic workstations, etc. can have a negative impact on employees' health.

The UK team has therefore introduced a wellbeing policy: Regular online mood barometers allow mental stress in the home office to be recognised and counteracted at an early stage. Five specially trained "Mental Wellbeing" trainers provide support and, if necessary, organise external therapy. The home workstations have also been ergonomically evaluated and equipped accordingly. 

A number of adaptations have also been made at the company headquarters in Sittingbourne: Dedicated "wellbeing areas" have been set up for relaxation - including green oases in the outdoor area, which employees can use for meetings and during breaks to recharge their batteries.