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Information & Communication

We live transparency
In dialogue with the environment

In dialogue with the environment

Transparency is important to us. This is why we provide information about our social and ecological commitment - for example in our customer newsletter, with the Future Report, on our website or in social media.

Above all, however, we are interested in exchange and seek dialogue with relevant target groups - above all our employees. To this end, we create various communication options and actively seek feedback.


We look forward to your feedback

Do you have any questions or suggestions about our commitment to sustainability? Our sustainability team looks forward to hearing from you: sustainability@maco.eu

We ask stakeholders to talk to us

Employees surveyed

Employees surveyed

We have conducted an annual survey of our Austrian employees since 2019. Around 44 per cent took part in 2023. Among other things, motivation, leadership behaviour, feedback culture, development opportunities and the values of our collaboration - including sustainability - were assessed.

On the basis of this sentiment, we can develop measures to further develop and improve ourselves.

Customers provide insight

Italy collects feedback

In 2023, more than 500 Italian customers were surveyed on topics such as quality, service and ESG. The answers (the response rate was a pleasing 19 per cent!) provided exciting insights into the sustainability awareness of the industry and the market: our business partners have certainly recognised the importance of dealing with the circular economy, but they often lack the necessary knowledge and ideas for implementation. The survey will now be repeated at regular intervals and extended to the Spanish, French, Swiss and Greek markets.

Our aim is to take the lead as a pioneer in sustainability management and to support our customers as a competent partner on the path to circular economy. One measure to achieve this: The management team was brought on board and given comprehensive training on sustainability.

MACO Innovation Tour

Very close: Innovation Tour

11 months, 20 countries, over 90 stops - our MACO truck also toured throughout Europe in 2023, presenting a best-of of our products, services and systems as well as our commitment to sustainability. Our customers got to know our innovations and our company better - and gave us important feedback. They didn't have to travel far to do so: The truck with our sales team stopped very close to them.