ESPAGS espagnolettes

A wide variety of open-out casement window solutions enabling a vast range of window styles to be manufactured with multi point locking. MACO espagnolettes impress with their PAS 24 security performance, ease of use in operation and efficient installation.

Our range

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  • M-SPAG Shootbolt

    A secure telescopic construction solution. M-SPAG is the result of an innovative initiative and is specially designed to meet requirements in Great Britain.


    The security shootbolt locking system for all requirements – from standard windows and French windows to top-hung windows that open outwards.

  • MK 1

    The first shootbolt locking system from MACO and a trend setter for several years. MK 1 fulfils standard PAS 24, which is applicable in Great Britain.

  • RAIL Security

    The ultimate espagnolette system with two locking pins for installation situations where a shootbolt is not essential.

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