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Green mobility

We are travelling sustainably
Green mobility

Short, direct routes. Maximum utilisation of lorries. Intermodal transport. Green routes. With a total of six logistics centres, we are close to our customers throughout Europe. When it comes to the delivery of raw materials, transport between our plants and shipping, we always focus on one thing: the ecological footprint.

Reduce exhaust gases

Numerous initiatives throughout the Group are aimed at ensuring that our employees are greener and more CO₂-optimised on the road. To this end, we are reducing ...

  • ... Commuting: 40 per cent of working time in the home office for all VDU workstations
  • ... Travelling between plants: Focus on online meetings
  • ... Petrol/diesel consumption: Our company fleet increasingly consists of hybrid and e-cars. The network of e-charging stations is also being continuously expanded.
  • ... Car journeys: Group-wide incentives for alternative mobility concepts (see below) are in place to encourage more and more employees to leave their cars behind when travelling to work.

Distribution & Logistics

Whether in a lorry or an aircraft, our aim is to make optimum use of loading areas and thus save on transport distances. With its double-decker lorries, MACO has long had a solution for efficient transport on the road.

In 2023, we have now also optimised transport by air freight by packing our products in thin-walled wooden crates. These are lightweight but also very stable. Thanks to their stackability, the loading area in the aircraft can be loaded efficiently.

"Securing loads skilfully" - all Austrian employees entrusted with loading activities received this training in 2023. This not only ensures increased occupational safety in the company, but also more transport safety on the road!

MACOraner: Go green!

We promote sustainable mobility for our employees. Group-wide!

France: More sustainable step by step

Taking the train virtually to the office door - this option is available to employees of our French subsidiary thanks to the relocation of the company headquarters to an eco-responsible business park in Entzheim: the train station is only a few minutes away and travelling by public transport is easy.

Italy: E-bike charging stations

To motivate employees to commute to work by e-bike, a charging station with 6 charging points has been created in Italy. There are also covered, secure bicycle parking spaces.

Northern Europe: Green company fleet

France: The sales team's vehicle fleet consists exclusively of hybrid vehicles.

In the Netherlands, 40 per cent of company vehicles are already hybrid. Employees also have access to four new e-charging points. By 2025, 80 per cent of company cars will be hybrid vehicles.

At our branch in Schöllnach/Germany, not only were e-charging stations installed, but two hybrid and four e-vehicles were also purchased in 2023. This means that over 25 per cent of company vehicles are already "green".

Austria & Germany: Discounted bikes

Since autumn 2022, MACO employees have had the opportunity to lease bicycles and e-bikes from MACO at low cost - with a price advantage of up to 30 percent. Over 130 employees have already taken advantage of this offer. Good for health, good for the environment.

In addition, e-charging stations for bicycles will be installed at all locations in Austria in 2024.