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Silicone sash gasket

Silicone sash gasket

Not only does the new silicone sash gasket provide improved, permanent impermeability thanks to its durable, temperature-resistant material, it also optimises operation by noticeably reducing the closing pressure and minimising any noise during opening and closing. Its shape, which is adapted to suit the corner, is unique on the market: for the first time in the window industry, a special process has made it possible to also connect silicone seals permanently in the corners. This means that MACO is the first company to supply silicone gaskets on lift&slide units.

Advantages & benefits

Advantages for


  • Easy to install and excellent hold in the groove; compensates for greater tolerances on the unit
  • No permeable butt joints that need to be additionally bonded and sealed
  • To be used at the corner on the sliding sash – also possible for the sealing strip made of timber
Benefits for

End users

  • No noise when opening and closing
  • Permanent impermeability thanks to the material silicone
  • Easy operation thanks to reduced closing pressure