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MULTI SKY fanlight

MULTI SKY fanlight

MULTI SKY is an innovative operating concept for opening fanlights. It allows them to be operated quickly and easily using the central window handle: turn below, the window opens above. No more straining and stretching or cranking lateral rods. With just one handle or window handle (on the central window) the upper sash is tilted for ventilation or even fully opened using the usual “Turn and tilt" sequence of operation. This makes cleaning easier, as does the hardware which is concealed in the frame: there are no visible, protruding surface-mounted parts. MULTI SKY makes fanlights highly attractive both in terms of appearance and ventilation and opens up the range of design possibilities. They are suitable for rooms with tall ceilings or large window facades.

Advantages & benefits

Advantages for


  • Stand out from competitors thanks to USP: unique solution with just one handle for central window and fanlight
  • Easy fabrication with familiar central locking components
  • Greater impermeability thanks to the central locking system. The gasket compression can be set at the locking points.
  • Suitable for all standard timber and PVC profiles
  • Size-independent (only left or right to consider)
  • Widening of the frame is not necessary
  • Lower storage requirement: only 2 packages for all applications
  • Detailed assembly instructions with hardware combination for the overall unit
  • Item lists for all fanlight sash sizes
  • Delivery includes fanlight kinematics plus required central locking parts
Benefits for

End users

  • Quick and easy operation using the usual turn and tilt sequence of operation
  • Mechanical components are concealed in the frame to give a unique look, make it easy to clean and enable narrow frame views to be created
  • Additional turning position fully opens the sash and makes cleaning easier
  • Highly secure thanks to the central locking system, which locks at several points
  • Greater impermeability thanks to the central locking system
  • Special protection during ventilation due to the elevated position of the fanlight sash
  • Can also be used for casement doors with threshold
  • Same maintenance interval as all other hardware components



MULTI SKY: Skylight operating concept (PDF)


Operating & service manuals

Multi Operating and maintenance instructions for end users (turn-only, turn&tilt and tilt-first hardware) (PDF)


Installation instructions

MULTI SKY - hardware for skylights (PDF)


Package leaflets

Beipackzettel Multi Sky (Oberlichtfenster) (PDF)



Sticker user information Multi Sky window (printout version) (PDF)