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MACO door locks are perfect for any front door, apartment door and back door as an entry point to public and private areas. After all, the innovative multi-point locking system helps to provide effective protection against damage and theft for property and the private sphere. Additional aspects, such as sound and thermal insulation, are taken into account just as much as the desire for the convenience of keyless door operation.

Z-TA Comfort door lock

The door falls into the frame and interlocks automatically (including the locking bolt) without operating the key. The motor positioned at the door lock takes charge of withdrawing the deadbolt and latches to open the door.

Front-door hinges

The patented ball bearing of the axle pin prevents the door sash from dropping. The ball bearing is used in all three hinge types of the PRO-DOOR range.

openDoor access control system

For keyless opening of the front door in three door leaf-integrated versions Transponder-Plus,  Code and Touch or the surface mounted Transponder solution.

Highest quality standards

for the manufactoring process of PROTECT door locks

Our range

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    Door locks

  • openLife

    Intelligent access control in real time

  • openDoor

    Access control systems


    Door hinges

  • Gaskets

    Tight even in and around the corners. The MACO sealing range ensures the right insulation.

MACO at the FIT Show 2016

MACO concept study door


from our range for doors

  • Z-TA Comfort

    For keyless locking and opening of the front door with optimum gasket compression over the entire height of the door and ideal thermal and sound insulation. The withdrawal of the lock elements is triggered by a motor. In combination with the MACO access control system, openDoor, the door lock offers the ultimate in operating convenience.

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  • PRO-DOOR T100 R

    Partially-concealed aluminium door hinge with patented axis pin for stylish PVC front doors with a sash weight of up to 100 kg. The long term performance has been tested using a sash weight of 120 kg.

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  • openDoor Transponder-Plus

    As one of four access controls in the openDoor system, Transponder Plus allows the house or apartment door to be opened using a car key, transponder chip or card.

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