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A two-part (in total four-wire) roller set is used for each sash unit. A brush is located on each roller. These brushes sweep the dirt from the roller track with every movement, thus permanently ensuring smooth running. Additional rollers are recommended for a sash weight above 250 kg. Thanks to their suspension system, they can handle an additional 80 kg sash weight each.

Advantages & benefits

Advantages for


  • Can be used for timber and PVC
  • For sash weights up to 400 kg
  • Above a sash weight of 250 kg, additional rollers with suspension system are available
Benefits for

End users

  • Smooth-running with silent action
  • Effortless operation with special corner element
  • Roller track is kept clean thanks to a technical cleaning brush before each roller
  • Maintenance-friendly thanks to permanently greased roller components
  • For heavy sash weights: less force required due to additional roller with suspension system


Package leaflets

Beipackzettel HS: Laufwagen 300 kg Frästiefe alt / neu (PDF)