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The lift&slide rollers cover everything the market requires, handling from 200 kg to 400 kg either individually or in tandem. For heavy sash weights from 250 kg, the use of additional rollers is recommended. The spring system additionally handles 80 kg each.
A two-part (in total four wheeled) roller set ensures smooth and quiet running for each sash element. A brush is also positioned on each roller, which sweep dirt off the running rail with every sliding movement and support the clean, quiet rail guide.

Advantages & benefits

Advantages for


  • Can be used for timber and PVC
  • For sash weights up to 400 kg
  • Above a sash weight of 250 kg, additional rollers with suspension system are available
Benefits for

End users

  • Smooth-running with silent action
  • Effortless operation with special corner element
  • Roller track is kept clean thanks to a technical cleaning brush before each roller
  • Maintenance-friendly thanks to permanently greased roller components
  • For heavy sash weights: less force required due to additional roller with suspension system


Package leaflets

Beipackzettel HS: Laufwagen 300 kg Frästiefe alt / neu (PDF)