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Infinite View

Infinite View


The revolutionary InfinityView lift&slide system creates endless possibilities for large glass fronts in materials that would otherwise reach their limits at such sizes. Timber processors can now push their limits. The glass-fibre-reinforced plastic core, which is clad on the outside with timber and aluminium, delivers flawless statics of these sliding giants. The sash frame is only 50 millimetres wide. InfinityView allows you unprecedented design, even more light in the room and an infinite view of the horizon.

And the revolutionary modular system also plays a leading role in terms of comfort. True barrier-free accessibility thanks to a roller track mounted flush in the floor along with motorisation create an outstanding living feeling. Additionally, InfinityView is passive-house-compatible and secure according to Resistance Class 2.

Manual Variants

A super-slim frame, glass fibre reinforced PVC core, timber inside, aluminium outside
Hook drive gear

Hook drive gear

The drive gear lies concealed in the sash frame and increases the closing force with its steel hook lock. In addition to the increased security, it also impresses with its appearance. The hooks disappear completely into the sash when it’s open and only move out when closing. Thus, nothing stands out and nothing interrupts the view.
In the manual version, you can include a locking monitoring and thereby make the lift&slide element smart-home-capable.



for absolute barrier-free accessibility

At MACO, true barrier-free accessibility must be possible without the 20 mm standard margin. For this purpose, a threshold construction with a completely new roller track was developed, which is sunk into the floor and allows a seamless transition between the inside and outside. Barrier-free according to DIN 18040 is thereby undercut and the IFT-RL VE-17/1 is fulfilled. For this, it does not need an additional guide bar with locating slot.

Reinforcement profile

Reinforcement profile

Made of a glass-fibre reinforced plastic core

The stability for these window sizes is provided by the GRP core in combination with MACO hardware and glass bonding. The glass-fibre reinforced plastic core is the secret when it comes to ensuring stability and statics of ever larger and heavier glass surfaces.

This core is covered with timber inside and aluminium outside, right down into and around the corners. This ensures optical unity between the frame and the sash with clear edges.



The floating-mullion sets trends in both optics and technical precision. It shines with its narrow design of only six centimetres compared to the usual nine to twelve centimetres for lift&slide doors. The steel bracket in the corner area ensures the statics of this elegant option. It stabilises the system and increases the thermal values, together with the proven MACO PVC sealing rail on the fixed and movable sashes. This results in absolute tightness against wind and water.

Motorised Variants

Move at the touch of a button? The HS MACO Comfort drive makes it possible – very simple and highly comfortable.


Always covered in Aluminium

Visually beautiful down to the last corners. And easy to maintain in wind and weather.

Lift motor with drive gear

Lift motor with drive gear

The lift motor sits in the sash frame and lifts the sash for easy opening at the touch of a button. It is the first and only drive motor in the industry to have an RC 2 approval. As a fabricator, MACO provides you with not only RC 2 test certificates for mechanical, but also for motorised lift&slide elements, without having to do the testing yourself.

Slide motor

Slide motor

The motor with the integrated clamping protection. The Comfort motor is programmed at the time of delivery so that the sash holds a minimum distance to the frame when pushed in. In this way, we prevent the risk of injury when opening or closing the sash. You can adjust the opening width of the sash individually on-site as required.



Via 3-button, 1-button, key button or smartphone app

The operation is as flexible as the system itself. You can choose between 3-button as shown, 1-button, key button or the smartphone app to open your sliding element.

In the motorised version, you can connect InfinityView to commercially available smart home systems or building monitoring systems and thus complement the mechanical security.


There's nothing to see here...

because when the InfinityView sash is closed, it disappears into the frame on the gear side.

Advantages & benefits

Advantages for


The well-thought-out InfinityView modular system enables you to adapt to individual living conditions and customer requirements. MACO accompanies you as a reliable full-service provider. This is how you realise unique designer sliding doors.

  • Custom-made sash elements (including milling and drilling)
  • Opens up new sales channels
  • Participation in architectural tenders
  • Tested and certified system (CE marking, RC testing)
  • Use of proven MACO standard hardware
  • No adapter profile required for zero barrier
  • Created in cooperation with the most renowned aluminium shell manufacturers
Benefits for

End users


  • Slim frames and large glass surfaces let a lot of light into the room and deliver a panoramic view
  • Nothing breaks the view – no locks, no disturbing corners or edges on the frame
  • Many variants allow adaptation to living spaces



  • Zero barrier (as per ift Rosenheim) through flush-mounted roller track
  • Motorised version simplifies the operation of large elements
  • Control via smartphone or wireless possible
  • Smart Home ready
  • Passive house suitable (U-value of < 0.8)


  • Can be combined with RC2 security equipment



MACO InfinityView: The Lift & Slide Revolution (PDF)


Installation instructions

Infinity View Flügelmontage (PDF)


Safety data sheets