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MULTI POWER with load-bearing element

Giant windows made easy

Giant windows made easy

The load-bearing element supports casement door sashes up to 180 kg with fully concealed hinge-side. The new member of the MULTI POWER family consists of just one sub-assembly which is easy to install – even retrospectively, if, for example the sash weight is increased by security glazing. The load bearing element diverts the entire weight of the timber or PVC sash into the frame, thereby relieving the load on the pivot post. Mount & Go, the easy mounting concept ensures that the sash is hung smoothly without any bracing or support.

Advantages & benefits

Advantages for


  • Greater range of possible applications for MULTI POWER: sashes up to 180 can be produced
  • Heavy units with concealed hardware can be constructed
  • The drilling jig for the sash component support pins ensures precise positioning and easy, safe mounting
  • The sash component is assembled ready for mounting and only needs to be installed and screwed on


  • The load-bearing element immediately takes on the complete load of the sash weight, which means that the sash does not need to be supported and pivot post overloading is prevented.
  • Safe vertical adjustment of the sash using a single adjusting screw on the load-bearing element
  • Thanks to its small size, no changes are needed when implementing security class RC 2
  • Prolongs the life span of the pivot post, as this is bears practically no weight.
Benefits for

End users

  • Heavy casement doors with concealed bearing parts and highly-insulating glazing or security glass can be created
  • Ideal for retrofitting in cases where the sash weight is increased, for example with sound insulation glass or aluminium front profiles
  • No jamming on small parts on the ground as the sash does not drop when it is turned.
  • Discreet look as the size of the load-bearing parts is minimised
  • No restrictions on the standardised security class RC 2 when retrofitted.


Installation instructions

Multi Power Assembly instructions (only for certified specialists!) (PDF)


Package leaflets

Beipackzettel Lehre: Multi Power Lastabtragung (PDF)