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The combined MACO PROTECT C-TS door lock allows production of a large range of easy-to-operate doors based on a slim-line door lock product family. This high-security locking system combines two operating functions: the split spindle incorporates the handle and alternate operation in the lock case.

Advantages & benefits

Advantages for


  • Combined function: handle and alternate operation (split spindle) in one main lock casing
  • Small, compact lock case
  • Convenient latch conversion without the need for tools
  • The spindle fittings control the locking function:
    • Single-piece spindle rod = lever/lever function
    • Split spindle fittings = split spindle function
  • Combined, easy-to-adjust hook & locking cam striker plates
  • Adjustable striker plates and locking cams enable high gasket-compression settings
  • Also available in combination with single piece door strikers – less installation effort required
  • Reduced routing times thanks to shorter lock case lengths (main lock and hook casing)
  • Very stable due to 3 mm faceplate material, available in widths of 16 and 20 mm
  • Door lock length 2200 mm for single doors and 1500 mm for double doors
  • Tested security (EN1627 – 1630 RC 2 and PAS24)
Benefits for

End users

  • Maximum security with the MACO C-TS (EN1627 – 1630 RC 2 and PAS24):
    • Hooks made of cast steel and
    • solid steel striker plates ensure maximum burglary protection
  • Comfortable operating forces on the handle thanks to the optimised design of the lock case
  • Quiet, convenient closing with MACO cranked latch
  • Extremely smooth-running due to direct control of the locking mechanism
  • Durability testing in accordance with European Standard (DIN 18251-3) – 50,000 operations (locking mechanism endurance test)