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Sealing plate

Sealing plate

The PVC sealing plate with integrated drainage opening prevents the rain from penetrating into the living space, even in storms and at high wind speeds. The water is able to run off via the routed opening and the GFRP threshold below and drain away into the surrounding ground. A matching adhesive foam rubber sheet is also applied. This deforms to balance the pressure load of the door sash, thus ensuring even better weatherproofing.

Advantages for fabricators

Advantages for


  • Comes in two versions for left and right-side opening lift&slide doors
  • Standard lengths 99 mm, 115 mm and 155 mm
  • Can be shortened in both width and length
  • Can be used with frameless fixed glazing
  • Mounting is the same as for any conventional sealing plate
  • For maximum weatherproofing of the lift&slide construction
Benefits for

End users

  • Maximum possible weatherproofing of the lift&slide construction at the point at which the moveable and fixed sash or fixed glazing meet,
  • Prevents rain from penetrating into the living space
  • Additional, self-adhesive foam rubber sheet for even greater weatherproofing of the lift&slide door