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Narrow timber frames

Narrow timber frames

Maximum daylight and glass-dependent optimal U values are benefits in terms of both comfort and energy balance. Thanks to the narrow friezes, users enjoy the advantages of a movable glass front and the frame takes a back seat. Lift&slide doors become design elements in the room. Both the standard lift&slide hardware and steel hook drive gear can be integrated into either timber or timber/aluminium profiles from a height of 76 mm.

Advantages & benefits

Advantages for


  • Suitable for all standard lift&slide components
  • Both the standard and steel hook drive gear can be used
  • Requires only two additional components
  • Glazing repair via the outer aluminium glazing bead on timber-aluminium systems
  • Lift&slide door as a design element in the room
Benefits for

End users

  • Maximum possible daylight due to large glass surface area
  • Improved U value due to narrow frieze
  • Optimum sound and thermal insulation


  • Optimised protection against burglary if shatter-proof glass is used
  • Natural internal look thanks to the timber frame material
  • Timber-aluminium systems also provide external weather protection thanks to aluminium front profiles