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DT160 double pot

DT160 double pot

The new hinge-side DT160 allows timber fabricators to produce casement doors up to 160 kg. The double pot basic profile, which consists of a 2-component PVC based on GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic) is rounded off by an integrated gasket lip for the rebated scissor stay support arm or connection bracket and a moulded rubber gasket made of softer plastic. The latter provides a thermal barrier between the hinge components and frame.

Routing covers for 4 mm-gap systems ensure a perfect appearance. The new hinge-side also ensures burglary protection to PAS24. A new lubrication hole in the rebated corner support also ensures easy maintenance for years to come, without the need to unhinge the sash.

Advantages & benefits

Advantages for


  • Expansion of the double pot range for casement doors
  • Easy fabrication as the double pot drilling-hole pattern is the same as that of the existing double pot range (DT130)
  • Can be combined with existing double pot range (DT130)
  • The cover cap for the DT160 scissor stay hinge is compatible with the DT130 scissor stay hinge
  • Scissor stay hinge cover cap with integrated check for correct positioning of the scissor stay hinge pin
  • "Long" DT160 pivot post cover cap is compatible with the DT130 pivot post
  • "Short" pivot post cover cap is compatible with both double pot ranges
  • Dirt cover and cover for the rebated corner support compatible with both double pot ranges
  • Scissor stay hinge can be used in any version right and left
  • Pivot posts can be used for windows and casement doors (no separate design)
  • Compensates for manufacturing tolerances through seal on the underside of the double pot base
  • Easy efficient assembly: no sloped screw fixing required any more
  • Uniform screw pattern
  • Routing, drill-hole and screw pattern possible with power unit
  • Uniform routing depth of the pivot post and scissor stay hinge in the respective 4-gap system
Benefits for

End users

  • Heavier casement doors (triple and quadruple glazing possible)
  • No thermal bridges on the rebated scissor stay support arm due to the sealing lip on the double pot base, which means reduced condensation formation
  • Unrivalled aesthetics with the 4-gap system thanks to routing covers
  • Same attractively shaped appearance as the existing double pot range (DT130)
  • Version for casement doors with or without threshold possible
  • Rapid maintenance of the pivot post thanks to the integrated lubrication hole in the rebated corner support (no need to unhinge the sash)



DT160 – a powerhouse for more thermal and visual comfort (PDF)


Operating & service manuals

Multi Operating and maintenance instructions for end users (turn-only, turn&tilt and tilt-first hardware) (PDF)


Installation instructions

DT160 - dual-drill holes 160 kg (PDF)